The purpose of the ABC Pelican PAC is to work within the Louisiana election process to further the goals of the association.

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Your voice in elective politics

The ABC Pelican PAC is organized to:

  • Support candidates for an elective state or local office within the state of Louisiana, who embrace the basic demographic principles of our American system of government, and the free enterprise system. By doing so, we play our part in securing a more prosperous economy and a higher standard of living for the people of Louisiana through a program that fosters the growth of the business construction industry in Louisiana and its respective business interests. ABC Pelican PAC also works to assist in the creation of greater awareness surrounding Louisiana’s unique advantages as an area for businesses to find their home.

  • Support or oppose statewide, regional or local propositions, referendums, constitutional amendments, bond or tax elections, or any other political cause or issue as may be directed by the ABC Pelican PAC Board.

  • Solicit, receive, hold, administer and disburse funds for political purposes as directed by the ABC Pelican PAC Board.  

  • Provide financial support for candidates as approved by the ABC Pelican PAC Board who embrace or express support for the basic purposes for which this organization is established and for issues supported by the ABC Pelican PAC Board. Financial support may also be used to reimburse such candidates or causes for expenses previously incurred in connection with a political campaign or other political issues.

  • Advocate the election, appointment or defeat of enumerated and endorsed candidates; and to advocate and promote political views of members of this organization as articulated or espoused by the Board.


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